GLK People

Lesley Millard
Project Manager
I am an experienced project manager having worked in the education sector for 10 years. I also bring together a wealth of experience from working in the private sector which aids and benefits the work I do with our clients. Working with a variety of stakeholders from a range of backgrounds, I thrive on finding the right solution and ultimately the best outcomes for young people across the country. I use my project management skills to efficiently deliver and I focus on client engagement and communication to achieve this. I have a range of interests from family to football and use my life experiences along with my role as Vice Chair of Governors in a primary school to enhance and benefit the work I do at GLK Solutions.
Gemma Kirk
Managing Director
I set up GLK in 2010 after working in a range of large corporate management consultancies.  I wanted to set up a company that was small, agile and could really respond to what clients needed without any of the internal politics and strife! I have developed the GLK offer and team to support a wide range of clients in education and the private sector delivering everything from Academy conversions, establishing new schools, managing and writing complex funding bids. My passion is to make a difference not only to my clients, but the young people whose lives are positively affected by the projects I deliver. When not working I have been known to enjoy a glass of wine with good friends.
Michael Gates
I believe passionately in public services and have worked extensively with local government and the public sector over the last twenty years in both large and small consulting practices. Within GLK I focus on business development, and leading transformation and change projects. I am interested in all technology and how it can make life better. I truly believe that we are now at a seminal point in time where everyday activities can be fundamentally transformed by technology. The biggest blockage is no longer technology but ourselves. When not playing with technology I love travel, food, wine and music. I am a Apple geek and a BBQ nut.