Setting Up a Multi Academy Trust (MAT)

What does it mean to set up a Multi Academy Trust?  Your school or establishment may be considering this as an option, but what would it mean for you and what would you need to do to set up a MAT?

For many, setting up a MAT is the right outcome for their continued improvement and success.  Before you make this decision, there are several factors to consider:

  • What are your reasons for developing a MAT? Is this a shared agenda locally? Are you wanting to be a leader and not forced into decisions beyond your control?
  • Do you have the capacity within school to lead this development or have you the means to access additional support such as an external project management company?
  • Does your ethos and vision fit within a MAT structure? It is critical for each school within the MAT to have a shared purpose.
  • How will it impact your current governance structure?
  • Will it improve teaching and learning?
  • Do you have the necessary people to be able to fill the role of Trustees and do they have the right skills and experience to benefit this role?

In addition, there are several questions the Governing Body should ask itself:

  • Do we have the required skills and/or culture to be able to make this change?
  • Have we spoken to the right people? Local Authority, Department for Education, etc.?
  • What do we want to achieve?
  • How will the change affect teaching and learning and improve progress?
  • What will it mean to the school financially?
  • How will it affect students and staff?
  • Does the proposed sponsor have the education expertise to help the school improve and be a success?
  • What will our responsibilities and accountabilities look like after the change?

Please contact a member of the GLK Solutions team today to discuss your MAT requirements.  We offer a no obligation review meeting to discuss your project and to see where we may be able to offer support.