Why GLK?

At GLK Solutions, we believe the ‘why’ is often more important than the ‘what’.  Each member of our team is passionate about improving, transforming, and supporting projects in education and local government.  Everyone at GLK benefits from a varied background and has the ability to bring those skills and experiences to the work we do.

I started my career in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister which led me on to varied roles within project and programme management.  The range of projects I worked on covered local and central government supporting both strategic development and frontline delivery.  From this point I was able to specialise in education projects through the academies programme.  As a result, I have now been working on education projects and programmes for over 13 years.  I have been fortunate to work on key areas such as free schools, academies, setting up new trusts, and University Technical Colleges.  Each project has enabled me to contribute to the future needs of young people.  In particular, I have worked on projects which support social mobility, improve the lives of young people, and provide greater educational outcomes.  I believe every child, no matter their starting point, should have access to the best education and opportunities available.  I have worked very closely with my clients to support this priority bringing an extra level of value through identifying initiatives to support improvements in education.

Gemma KirkManaging Director

Throughout my career I have worked across an extensive number of public sector projects and roles.  My knowledge allows me to provide expertise in improving service delivery, reducing costs, and delivering better outcomes for organisations.  I have a real passion for the use of ICT in the public sector and I believe my expertise and skills lead to transformation change and improvements for my clients.  I have worked in several senior management positions as well as working as a consultant for several years.  My insights have allowed me to identify and develop change programmes, improve efficiencies and client experiences; especially in local government.  The world has changed significantly in the last 10 to 15 years and public sector organisations now need to be extremely organised in terms of the use of resources and processes.  Reviewing, identifying, and implementing that solution is where I provide a real value added service to my clients. I strive to bring together resources and solutions to deliver a multi-team or agency approach which will future-proof services and provide a key service to the public; a real benefit to local goverment now and for the future.

Michael GatesDirector

I have worked in a number of industries both in the private and public sectors after leaving school to chose a vocational route.  This has provided several opportunities to experience different working practices applying my learning.  For me, this pathway has been invaluable and my work in education on similar projects such as University Technical College’s and technical pathways has allowed me to support clients to achieve more.  Working in education for over 10 years, my experiences and knowledge from the private sector help me improve the lives of young people through key education projects.  I have been a Governor (now Vice Chair) for the last 5 years in a local primary school.  I lead governor training and development working to develop our Governing Board.  I believe my career experiences allow me to transfer skills benefiting the schools and trusts I work with.  The lives of young people will be improved if there is an agreed vision, that students and learners are a priority, and that the right governance structures are in place to support this.  I bring each of these elements together to support my clients’ projects.

Lesley MillardProject Manager