Insights – Doncaster UTC

The Challenge

Working with a group of industry, local business partnerships and University sponsors we developed a University Technical College application which was submitted in January 2016.  Doncaster UTC are currently awaiting the outcomes of this application round.

Our Contribution

Working with the proposing group we coordinated and wrote the application in readiness for submission.  This process required engagement with a number of stakeholders to bring the critical elements of the bid together.  We also ensured the development of the submission aligned to the DfE guidance for UTC applications both in terms of content and production.  We also provide strategic advice to the team and act as liaison between key stakeholders including the Department for Education and Baker Dearing Trust.


  • Completion of all workstream elements
  • Successful engagement with critical stakeholders
  • Submission of application in line with DfE deadline
  • Acceptance of application by the DfE for interview stage
“GLK have played an invaluable role in helping to shape and craft Doncaster’s University Technical College bid. From the offset they demonstrated a strong grasp of what our strategic partners in Doncaster wanted to achieve; whilst also helping us assimilate best practice from elsewhere.

GLK have been very adept at interpreting and explaining Government requirements for our project. This has been particularly useful when helping our partnership prioritise against often stringent timescales.

Finally, GLK have demonstrated a very empathetic approach when corralling and managing what are, at times, complex local partnerships and relationships. It is to their credit that they have achieved this great tact whilst also achieving project objectives.”

- Dan Fell, Chair of Trustees, Doncaster UTC